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  Welcome to Velcare International, your one stop shop for all your pest control product needs since 2008. Velcare provides quality products for the control of all kinds of pests. Our product lines include insecticides, traps, repellers, and rodenticides as well as the application procedures. We also provide the equipment and the safety gear necessary to utilize these products.
Velcare offers secure pest control product solutions for professional pest management industries, food industries and hygiene-centered markets. Our focus is on delivering the highest quality products at the best possible value and providing superior technical support for them as well. At Velcare we give you the best prices for premium quality products and provide you with any future assistance you might require.

  Our central distribution center in Bangalore stock several products to meet all your pest management needs. The Velcare distribution team prides itself in its ability to provide prompt delivery—anywhere in the country. From the time your order is placed online, via telephone or email with our customer service professionals, you are assured that your product needs are handled promptly and efficiently.


  Mr. C. Sathyachandran established a service company along with a firm foundation for the expansion of his distribution business using the principles that still guide the company today: initiative, ingenuity and exceeding customer expectations. We are proud of our founder and the supreme quality attached to the Velcare International name.

  Today Velcare distributions provides both sales and technical expertise that focuses on clean eradication of pests using eco- friendly, Pet-safe products and techniques.

  Destroying our environment means destroying our children’s future.
At Velcare, our biggest priority is the safety of our planet. Therefore, we believe in eco-friendly, non-toxic products that ensure total protection from pests.
  Trust VELCARE; protect the earth and be safe.
We sell a comprehensive range of pest control products that can eradicate all types of pests which include cockroaches, vectors (mosquitoes & flies), rodents (rats, mice & bandicoots), bed bugs, silverfish, fleas, spiders and termites. We also deal with products for bird and reptile control without causing any harm to them. In addition to traditional methods such as rat poison, mouse traps, insecticidal sprays & smoke generators, we also offer humane alternatives such as rat and mouse repellers. We also sell Cage traps for rats, cats, and monkeys.

For many of the pests listed, we have also compiled complete treatment details with dosage & antidotes which contain a variety of the most effective methods to achieve the best possible results.

Extremely happy . Professional, economical and most of all honest. Especially in an industry where cheating is common. They’re a breath of fresh air. Had an issue with bed bugs. They took care of it in a week.

Velcare International

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